jaggedgills said: Sounds good to me. Where shall we meet?

Feel like some sushi? Izakaya Den’s a pretty good sushi bar.

jaggedgills said: I would say something enjoyable. Like dinner. And perhaps a romp after that. I promise to bring my knives.

Definitely tempting me, kid. Promise not to mess up any of my tats with those knives of yours and it’s a date.

jaggedgills said: Puns are always entertaining. Although I was looking for something more tangible to entertain me.

Kehkeh, you like knives and puns, a man after my own heart. And that so? What did you have in mind?

jaggedgills said: Well, you are on here and I am on here, so I say you should entertain me.

Yeh? Well I am a pretty entertaining guy. Not so much over the internet though unless you like puns, kehkehkeh.

The shark kid knows how it is. You gangster tykes used to keep entertaining bull on the board all day.

Mitch. Do me a favor and wear a sweater vest on Taz's birthday, alright? Just trust me.

You got it.

jaggedgills said: Thank you, you clever devil.

No need to butter me up. You’ve already got my seal of approval, kehkeh.

ass-wild said: You would.

You know me so well, Fruitcake.

Kehkeh, this kid’s a real nut cluster. I like him.

Pst Mitch you should come over and check out Molly some time soon! Her engine needs some tinkering with soon anyway B:)

Oh, sure. When would be good for you? And, uh, happy birthday I think.


You would laugh. I ought to find you and kick you for even making me think about this in the first place.

Hey, hey, take it easy. I usually have back up and all. I’m safe.